Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Save our skies

BBCStargazing Live promoted the need for dark skies in the UK. Over 4 million people watched the show every night on BBC2, and hundreds of thousands around the UK attended live events.

Astronomy Magazine's article with the IDA stated

"Without question, lights help us feel secure. Whether in our houses, our cars, or on our pavements (UK), we bask in the protective glow of lights. The IDA does not seek to eliminate such useful and necessary forms of lighting. Instead, it just hopes to modify the current excessive lighting practices. Following through with such efforts can conserve energy, reduce harmful glare on the road, and of course, allow for a purer view of the night sky"

If you value the skies, and want to make it possible for future generations to also see amazing sights, please put this in your timeline and encourage every friend you have in the UK to sign it...Sensible lighting will save millions for the economy too.. It takes about a minute to sign... thank you

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