Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Exciting Times

Well, I just came back from my first STEM ambassador meeting. Fantastic people, and I am very much looking forward to encouraging as many kids as possible to look up at the skies above us.

"Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador is your chance to promote your skills to young learners, actively encourage them to enjoy STEM subjects, and inform them about the unique career opportunities that are available to them.

By volunteering as an Ambassador, you could be opening up life-changing opportunities for many young people in your area. Anyone who has a desire to inspire children and young people in STEM subjects can become an Ambassador. The main qualities that all Ambassadors share are enthusiasm and commitment, along with a passion for what they do."

Between this and the new project work which our team is now discussing with ESA, relating to NEO and Asteroids, it looks like a busy few months ahead.

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