Monday, 24 October 2011

Objects of desire

So, now that I have Faulkes Telescope admin rights, I am able to start posting up objects for follow on/observations/targets. Hopefully our team will be able to generate really interesting lists of objects along with Snoopy over the coming months to fire up the imaginations of everyone using the scopes.

This weekend sees the Salisbury Star Party for me, as a guest speaker on the Saturday, I do hope that the current weather subsides and we get some nice clear skies for the day and night., but if not, we'll still have a lot of fun, and the coffee will be hot. Tonight I built up a new Calcium K line solar telescope, which will get its first outing this weekend, all being well, I hope the calculations worked and that it performs as I hope.

Today we'll be doing a lot more imaging though on the 2m scopes in Siding Spring if the weather holds, a lot done yesterday, almost 3 hours of images taken on NEO targets and comets/asteroids... my Italian colleagues were in raptures with the amount of data coming in. Now that we know the nature of the cloud near comet Elenin, we may also try to see if we can find anything more substantial with Faulkes too, in that cloud...

Watch this space!!

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