Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Why "Space is Ace"?

Some years back, a wonderful individual whom I met on an astronomy forum came out with the immortal line "Space is ace...not bobbins" (Bobbins being a Northern English expression for something which is bad/not great)

Now, this person, who had a great job etc, was diagnosed with cancer, a quite aggressive form of cancer, and potentially could have died, she lost almost everything in the process of fighting this dreadful illness, her house, her job...pretty much the lot... and yet, came out the other side, still smiling, still wonderful and still passionate about space and the stars..

There are many people in this world who inspire others, I'm lucky to know a lot of inspirational the blog title is for her, she who inspired me to never look down on others, never forget how good life is, and always look up at the wonders of the sky.

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